August 12, 2022

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10 Most Common Plastic Surgeries


Plastic surgeries are no longer as risky and overly complicated as they were a few years ago. The idea that led to their origination was to bring some remedy to those who were born naturally deformed or those who suffered an accident that led to some organ deformation and impairment. These were called reconstructive surgeries which primarily reconstructed a part of the body, as well as brought its respective function a proper stimulus. Since both medical procedures and society’s approach began to evolve, the fundamental purpose of reconstruction in plastic surgeries branched out to a cosmetic territory wherein the aesthetics of a body part were given preference. This type of surgery implied what can be termed as a revolution in cosmetics and human fashioning. Whereas the former category cures as any medical procedure are done, in the quintessential sense of the term, the latter can be oftentimes very much a luxury. 

Plastic surgeries, in their larger preview, aim to improve our lives. Thanks to biomedical engineers for their advanced technology and cosmetic surgeons for their expertise, services offered by groups of professionals like MyBreast have become much more accessible. 

Here are the 10 most common plastic surgeries in the world, that you may not know.

1. Breast augmentation 

This is one of the most frequently opted cosmetic plastic surgeries by women. Breast augmentation, as the name suggests, is a surgical procedure that inflates breasts, giving them size and shape as per the patient’s requirements. From the many surveys of behavioral scientists, smaller breasts have been cited as a sign of inferiority complex among women. Breast augmentation, thus, can play a very key role in a woman’s life who is prone to such influences. Other similar plastic surgeries are breast reduction and breast lifts.

2. Rhinoplasty 

More colloquially referred to as nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that focuses on your nose. It can be both, reconstructive and corrective, with the latter being largely cosmetic. Like many other plastic surgeries, there are several reasons people decide to get rhinoplasty. The reconstructive surgery is more radical, as it deals with serious issues such as breathing problem due to birth defect or an accident, or other such nasal complications. Its cosmetic counterpart, however, is concerned with appearance only, where the size and alignment of the nose are altered, among other physical changes. Many celebrities go through this surgical procedure, given the fact that the nose plays a very seminal role in one’s facial appearance.

3. Lip Augmentation

As it can be inferred, this cosmetic procedure augments your lips, making them thicker and plumper. Like the aforementioned breast augmentation, lip augmentation is popular among women and can be considered as a classic cosmetic surgery in the world of fashion.  Does this surgical procedure improve your looks? It depends on how your lips get aligned with the rest of your face. Among South Asian celebrities, Ayesha Takia is the one who went through this procedure and can be used as an example to see how much it has worked for her.

4. Rhytidectomy – (Facelift)

A facelift is done to preserve the youthfulness of one’s face. In this plastic surgery, skin that gets flaccid and loose due to aging is tightened alongside the removal of mouth and nose creases. This procedure focuses on your overall face via tightening of the underlying tissues, which enhances your cheeks, jawline, and forehead. Again a very popular plastic surgery among celebrities, for the reasons of peer pressure involved in their lifestyle and work.  

5. Liposuction 

Liposuction is one of those plastic surgeries that is very much controversial. It is done to remove fat from your body. Even though it seems charming, it does not always succeed, as many patients have gone back to accumulating fat in just a few months of surgery. Obesity is a globally growing problem, owing to defective modern lifestyle and diet.  The fat removal procedure then is one of the extremes that an obese person could subject themselves to. There are lots of side-effects to liposuction and some of them can be life-threatening. Instead of going for the radical change provided by this procedure, patients are advised to lose their weight more naturally over time. However, obesity can also be an extension of bodily defects, in which case weight loss is not a possibility, so liposuction is the only option left.

6. Abdominoplasty – (Tummy Tuck)

Technically named as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a more focused and successful surgical procedure of removing fat albeit only one accumulated in and around the abdomen, as opposed to that of the whole body. It improves the profile of your tummy by counterattacking on its sagging skin.  Overall, tummy tuck improves your abdomen by giving it an aesthetically pleasing look of tightened muscles. 

7. Breast Reduction

This plastic surgery is antithetical of breast augmentation and is not to be confused with breast life. Breast reduction involves deflating breasts, both in women and men and gives it more sufficient size by decreasing their volume. Inflated or plump breasts in men can be the reason for embarrassing situations, therefore breast reduction is also very popular among men.  

8. Blepharoplasty

This plastic surgery is concerned with your eyelids, and helps maintains their skin in its proper form and shape. There tend to be lots of disfigurations surrounding your eyelids especially in old age, blepharoplasty then provides the remedy for that – such as the removal of excess fat from your eyelids which can be drooping otherwise. 

9. Dermabrasion

One of the surgical skin planting procedures, dermabrasion mitigates facial lines and wrinkles caused by aging and can also help reduce the effects of potential scars left by acne. The focus of this surgical procedure is the top layers of skin, and therefore it is less invasive. It helps refine the superficial coating of your skin.

10. Forehead Lift

Again one of those surgical procedures that’s concerned with preserving your youthfulness, forehead lift fixes the drooping eyelids and helps tightens the tissues of your forehead, thus decreasing the effects of saggy and wrinkled lines that appear on it due to aging. This surgery is identical to blepharoplasty albeit a less invasive. Sometimes your doctor might recommend you go for dermabrasion in case your eyelids droop too low even when pushed back to their ideal position. In an otherwise situation, a forehead lift is usually given preference. Sometimes the combination of dermabrasion and forehead lift is done when your drooping does not completely go away, despite your eyelids being pushed back to an ideal position.


For all their intents and purposes, plastic surgeries are still highly controversial in some parts of the world, given the different social and religious preoccupations. As can be seen, there are several reasons for which a person might have to go through a plastic surgical procedure, and not all of them are just concerned with cosmetics. All of the above discussed plastic surgeries are the most commonly performed operations on both men and women