August 11, 2022

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Amazing Way to Enlarge Your Breasts Without Implants

Can You Increase Breast Size Naturally?

The size of your breast is determined by a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and body weight, so your options are limited if you are interested in increasing your breast size without surgery. There is a difference between breast augmentation and breast implants that you need to know, but there are also some exercises that you could do to help with that. There is no evidence that supplements, herbs, creams, enlargement pumps, and massages are effective so you have to be wary of them.

Step 1: Tissue Expansion

A woman may wear a tissue-expansion device to prepare for successful fat grafting in the breasts, depending on a patient’s anatomy and whether your doctor would recommend it. Brave, a large suctioning device, would fit over the breast like a bra. It is powered by a battery and it gently puts tension on the breasts, stretches the tissue, and prepares it for upcoming procedures.

Step 2: Fat Grafting

A plastic surgeon would harvest a patient’s fat through liposuction or contouring once the tissue is prepared to make a fat transfer more viable. The surgeon would inject small amounts in tissue through the breast tissue because the oil and blood are removed from the fat.


They would be making sure that the transferred fat has a good blood supply because the fat would not stay in place and the patient would not get the desired long-term effect without it. The fat transfer process could give you permanent results without implants if the whole procedure goes successful.

Risks and Limitations

  • Skin is too tight or too loose

    • For the procedure to work successfully, a patient’s skin can either be too tight or too loose. A board-certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with fat grafting is the only one that could determine whether a patient’s skin can handle undergoing these procedures.


  • Insufficient blood supply

    • A limitation that a person could have that could limit them from doing this procedure is the insufficient blood supply. Without access to a healthy supply of blood, the transferred fat won’t maintain its position of viability.


  • Not enough fat

    • Thin people who do not have enough fat reserves to support the fat-transfer technique and harvesting fat too aggressively could lead to complications from liposuction like dumplings.

Exercises That Will Naturally Increase Breast Size

1. Horizontal Chest Press

    • Extend your arms in front of your body and bend them at a 90-degree angle
    • Open your arms as wide as they would go and bring them together again
    • Do this for one minute
    • Rest at the end of all of these exercises
    • Repeat at least once more


2. Arm Presses

    • Sit or stand with your hands extended in front of your chest with your palms together
    • Open your arms until they are behind your back and make a backbend
    • Bring your arms back together
    • Do this for one minute and use weights or a resistance band to make it more difficult.


3. Wall Presses

    • Stand in front of a wall and press your palms flat against it at the same height as your chest
    • Slowly and with control move forward until your head nearly touches the wall
    • Return to the original position
    • Repeat 10 to 15 times


4. Modified Push-Ups

    • Lie on the ground and put your palms on the outside of your chest
    • Push your body up until your arms are almost straight
    • Keep a slight bend in your elbows
    • Slowly lower your body back down using controlled resistance
    • Keep your elbow in at your sides
    • Do three sets of 12


5. Chest Press Extensions

    • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your hands up so they are in line with your shoulders
    • Keep your elbows bent
    • Slowly straighten your arms and extend in front of you. You may wish to extend one arm at a time
    • Bring your hand back to your shoulder and slowly lower your wrists down
    • Keep your elbows in at your body and move slow and controlled
    • Do three sets of 12


6. Prayer Pose

    • Keep your arms extended and press your palms together for 30 seconds
    • Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and press your palms in towards each other in front of your chest in prayer pose for 10 seconds and release
    • Repeat this 15 times


7. Arm Circles

    • Extend your arms out to the side at shoulder level
    • Slowly make small circles backward for one minute
    • Make small circled forwards for one minute
    • Pulse your arms up and down, using a small range of motion, for one minute
    • Repeat one or two times with a break in between
    • To make it more advanced, you can add small weights to this exercise


Combining a few home exercises and the procedure would give you the best results but you should not expect to see immediate results. Loof for small signs of improvement instead of dramatic results because fat grafting may not be for everyone.