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Braces help in correcting crowded or crooked teeth. If you have misaligned jaw, you can have it fixed with dental braces. These are used when you are still in your adolescent age which is the perfect time to get them as you still have the healthy gums which supports the wires. The statistics show that adults are getting corrective braces later in life. Braces are made up of many types of materials. It can be metal or ceramic, wires and bonding material. These are attached to your teeth and slowly helps in aligning it with the structure of your jaw.

Your private orthodontist will fix your misaligned teeth with the help of such devices. Also he will recommend you based on your age and your treatment goals. There are a couple different types of orthodontics that help in fixing your misaligned jaw and unstraightened teeth like for example, retainers or invisalign. Metal mouths have been very popular since decades and people have shown real concern with the metal braces. Braces work by applying continuous pressure on your teeth which helps in slowly moving your teeth in a specific direction. The orthodontist calls this process as remodelling. Remodelling is the process of sprucing up your nashor’s so that they can be enjoyed to their fullest potential.

Different dental braces types

The types of orthodontic braces solely depend on your age and your condition of crooked teeth. Braces are made in a customized way so that it can fit every individual based on their jawline and gums. The metal braces are the classic ones which are very common. And when we think of braces, these are the ones that pops in our head. The metal braces are the little brackets that are put on the teeth. They are fairly aesthetic and are used for treating complex cases.

Ceramic braces are just like the metal braces but you won’t see those metal brackets. Instead you will have a clear line and thus they are less visible to the eyes of people.

Clear aligners are also very chosen one in terms of braces. They are very clear and are not visible from outside. They are made from thermoplastic material. They are very easy to put on and off your teeth and you can do anything while having them.

Some more other types of braces are:

  • Archwire which moves your teeth slowly and is switched out by your orthodontics
  • Lingual braces which are placed behind your teeth and no one can find out if you have any type of braces on your teeth.

Retainers are also a type of aligner trays which are given after you have finished the treatment of wearing braces for a period of time. They are helpful in keeping your teeth right in its place.

Can wearing braces be painful?

This is seriously the most concerned question of people getting the treatment done. Installing the braces on your teeth is not painful but the days following it might be very hard. This is very common and natural as your teeth and mouth are not used to these types of treatments. You will be very uncomfortable in the beginning and will then eventually be very okay for you. You will be advised to take a pain reliever meds which will help a lot in easing out your pain.

Is there a different procedure for adults and children?

The process involved in installing the braces is the same for adults and children. The only difference being is that in your adolescent age, your jawline is still moving which helps in giving an end finishing to your braces. During this stage, your jawline has more flexibility and is more responsive to the treatment.

When your teeth respond much more quickly to the treatment, the process won’t take much time to finish. To get a much better treatment on straightening your teeth, you are advised to start it as soon as possible. Booking a private orthodontist and getting the “perfect smile” Now!.

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