October 31, 2020

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Childhood Trauma and Substance Addiction: A deep-rooted issue

Childhood Trauma and Substance Addiction: A deep-rooted issue

Substance addiction is one of the fiercely fought battles the world is facing right now. Various documentaries and tv shows depict the inner structures of these drugs and substance selling cartels. But what is most often left out of the screen time is the after-effects faced by those getting addicted to such substances, and the rough and traumatizing battle with the world afterward. If it was not a bigger problem, the rise in such cases of children is truly alarming. However, the substance is not the only and popular contributor to the deterioration of a child’s mental and physical health. Often, traumatic experiences like bullying and sexual abuse have to lead them to the use of such substances for controlling the inner pain, and with time they have got addicted to the substance in no time.

Childhood Trauma and Substance Addiction: A deep-rooted issue

If this was not scary, then the scarier part is that there are very few doctors and treatment facilities to treat them. The fact is that they are not up to the bare minimum that should be there to at least cater to 10% of these problems efficiently. Such is the dire situation that a few notable doctors and caring treatment centers have initiated to raise a voice for this matter. And they have advised the construction of a suboxone clinic every few blocks away.

The traumatic experiences faced by children are on the rise at an alarming rate. It cuts so deep that most children cannot speak about it publicly until they age. Our society neglects these little details. They have caused several psychiatric disorders among children from an early age that stays within them throughout if not taken care of.

Scientific evidence has shown that these traumas have a drastic impact on the neural structure and its functioning. This may further lead to a lack of cognitive consciousness, illness, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse.

The relation between substance abuse and exposure to traumatic experiences are well known. Recent surveys have shown that children with exposure to trauma have three times more possibility of being addicted to substances than normal. The fact does not end with teens or smaller children. Even in adult users of substances, 70% of them have been seen to have records of traumatic experience.

The treatment of such cases is often expensive and requires special kind attention towards the patient and a suboxone doctors near me. The rehab facilities require a good setup, caring personnel, experienced doctors, and personal space. Suboxone and buprenorphine are the most used medicines to counter the problems associated with substance addiction. These medications help in reinstalling the psychoactive behavior and stop the frequent cravings. A further few treatment measures include suboxone as a sedative, and such treatments are verified by the DATA 2000.

We all know how attractive the substances are to its users. And coming back from such cravings is not easy at all. Suboxone is the first-ever medication for controlling substance addiction. But finding the best suboxone doctors near me is not easy. This is where this site will come handy. The suboxone is recommended to be taken under the tongue for best results. It can also be injected into the body for quick results, and if someone has bad past experiences with tablets.

Even if the medications are placed for controlling the addictive cravings, the treatment of trauma of any kind is mostly a mental battle. Even bigger demand for such cases is the counseling and caring person willing to listen to their stories with affection and associating the pain. A well-built ambiance of nurses, caretakers, and doctors is also a must-have to treat traumas. You might have the question of where would I find suboxone clinics near me? This site will help you find the perfect clinics near you.

Suppose addiction has risen out of such mental and physical traumas for your child. Then one silver lining is suboxone. Timely and accurate dosage of the suboxone under doctors’ supervision will reduce addiction and addiction symptoms as a whole with time. But the fight against the addiction is a long one that needs patience. Improvements are bound to be slow. Apart from the medications, there are no clear well-versed methods that guarantee recovery. The whole treatment process includes seclusion from society. This is bound to be hard on any human being. But the key is a team of health workers that are well versed in handling traumatic and addictive cases. The kindness and proper medication will instill life back into their lives.

Another major factor of the treatment process is that no two individuals will have the same medical necessities and attention. It also depends on the past medical record, hobbies, likes, and dislikes of the patient. So finding the appropriate people in close vicinity of the patient is of prime importance. Therefore, it is a reason that these treatments are expensive and a reason why people generally opt-out of it. But you can find the best suboxone clinic here that can provide you with the necessary facilities at a considerable price. These clinics are known to innovate solutions to each problem and reduce the expenses wherever possible without reducing the quality of treatment.