August 11, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Skin Cleansers

Everything You Need to Know About Skin Cleansers

Ancient Egyptian queens are renowned for their peaches and cream complexion. Cleopatra, in particular, indulged in milk baths, honey masks and Dead Sea salt therapies. In fact, most royal ladies kept their skin pristine with these elaborate beauty rituals. However, times have changed and our hectic lifestyles leave us little time for elaborate skincare routines. Being constantly exposed to external stressors, from dust to pollution, makes our skin vulnerable to a number of issues. So, it is critical to maintain good hygiene to steer clear of dirt, oil and impurities daily.

One good way to begin is to use facial and body cleansers. Pick one that is mild and soap-free, while promising to remove even the thickest layer of grime effortlessly. Cleansing is the first and most important part of skincare. When done right, the next steps, like exfoliating, toning and moisturizing, lead to much better results. You can also adopt the Japanese tradition of double cleansing, which maintains the moisture balance effectively.

The Benefits of Using Skin Cleansers
Regardless of your skin type or heavy-duty cleaning needs, pick gentle skin cleansers. Pick a product that hydrates and soothe the skin while cleansing. Look for ingredients like cetyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben and water. These can help you gain the following benefits:

  1. Prevents excessive build up of sebum and sweat. This is important, since clogged pores can lead to serious acne and pimple breakouts over time.
  2. Regular use of gentle skin cleansers will help the skin retain its pH balance. This stops the growth of bacteria and germs on the skin. Plus, it maintains the right acid level, which is crucial for natural skin cells to thrive.
  3. Skin that is prone to redness can also benefit from products like Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. It ensures that all the debris and dirt is cleaned, without drying the skin or stripping it of its natural oils.
  4. Cleaning the skin well can help absorb numerous other products. Anti-aging creams, moisturizers, serums and essential oils are able to reach the surface easily. This helps you see noticeable results and make the most of the products.
  5. Besides drinking loads of water and using face mists, consider resorting to a daily cleansing routine. Gentle cleansers will nourish the skin and keep it from feeling dry out or becoming patchy. In fact, adequate hydration might add a permanent glow to your skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.

Besides these, cleansers maintain the right pore size and protect against inflammation and irritation. In addition, proper cleaning and moisturizing makes the skin more receptive to treatments. However, you should also know how to pick the right cleanser for yourself. This will mainly depend on your skin type and existing skin problems.

How to Choose the Right Cleanser
To keep your skin healthy and maintain its luster, using the right cleanser is a must. Take a look at how to choose the right product for visible improvement.

Step 1: Human skin is divided into 4 types, depending on genetics. So, ensure whether you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin. This can be done by testing the oil content, shine and skin texture at home.

Step 2: Read the labels on makeup removers, soaps, scrubs and wipes. Pick products that have specifically mentioned the skin type they are suitable for. This will help you avoid complications in the long run, while leaving your skin looking bright and revitalized.

Step 3: Finally, make sure no parabens, chemicals or synthetic elements have been used in the cleanser. The product must be clinically or dermatologically tested for safety and effectiveness.  Also, make sure it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic to prevent skin irritation.

Try to be fully aware of your skin conditions like eczema, rashes or redness. Pick products that are meant to clean delicate skin to avoid the condition from worsening.

How to Use a Cleanser in the Right Way 

Pre-moistened skin cleansing cloths are ultra soft and suitable for all skin types. Gently wipe your entire face to remove all traces of makeup, oil or dirt. There is no need to rinse or moisturize the face. Simply use the wipe as it is and you are good to go.

If you are using a cleansing bar, splash good amounts of water on your palms and face. Now work into a creamy lather and massage into the facial skin in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly and apply a mild or heavy moisturizer, depending on the season.

In case of a gentle exfoliating face cleanser, look for a product infused with vitamin complex and skin conditioners. Rub gently on your wet skin and rinse properly. This should be followed by a cream or lotion to lock in the skin’s moisture.

While using cleansers, don’t be in a hurry. Otherwise, this might leave residue on the face, which could lead to blotches and irritation. Invest at least 5-7 minutes in the morning and evening daily to achieve a spots-free, healthy and radiant skin.