September 17, 2021

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How does Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand help with good health?

How does Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand help with good health?

Good health is an important aspect of human living and existence. Everyone must strive to attain sound health every time. However, many factors can lead to health; good dieting, exercise, regular therapies/check-ups, and many others. 

Exercises like other actions can take many forms, and one of the best in the sport of Muay Thai. It has lots of activities that will not only help the body get rid of toxins but heals it too. 

How does Muay Thai help with good health?  

Muay Thai is popularly referred to as the art of the 8 limbs. It is a combat sport that has set skills which the fighters execute to attack/block. 

It helps to reduce weight loss and burns calories. 

From personal experience, an average Muay Thai fighter burns a lot more calories in the training gym/camp than the ‘extreme’ jogger. The training activities in Muay Thai will help to increase body metabolism, which makes it ‘burn’ stored fats in the body. In Muay Thai camps, you will get less fat and more muscular.  

It is a good stress therapy 

Experts/psychologists believe that deep physical activities like Muay Thai are a good stress reliever for the body. Punching a dummy for 30 mins, can ‘steal your mind’ so much that you forget about your anxieties. The hormones secreted in the body after activities like Muay Thai will kick out stress from your body.  

The training in camps will also build your endurance levels against worries. 

Good for the Heart 

The heart is the ‘pump’ of our body and needs regular ‘stretching,’ especially around the muscles. You exercise the Cardio-vascular muscles of your heart anytime you engage in anaerobic activities like skipping, squatting, punching, kicking, or weight-lifting. And aerobic activities such as; jogging or running improves the quality of air that enters the heart. 

All activities are Muay Thai related and save you from future heart conditions. 

Fluid hip and joints movement 

While throwing a kick during a training session, your hips serve as the ‘pivot’ of attack and balance. Regular practice with your hips this way will make you more mobile and lithe in movement. Both men and women can prevent joint and hips related problem in the future (Rheumatism, aches, etc.) with activities like this. 

Mental wellness and coordination 

For good health, our mental well-being is just as important as the physical state. Muay Thai fights/training have a lot to do with your brainpower more than physical power. You have to be quick to block attacks, strike, counter-strike, dodge, etc. These pieces of training will leave you with strong reflexes, foresight, and good anticipation.      

Wrapping Up: Muay Thai in Thailand at Phuket Island 

Muay Thai is one of the most practiced sport in Thailand. And it is popular not only because of self-defense, but it is growing to be an amazing health therapy for the people. A lot of Thai women have become regulars among the many camps in the country.   A good Muay Thai at Phuket islands is and it is for women.  

Muay Thai keeps you fit, disciplined in diet, and helps you to coordinate other areas of your life. 

It helps Muay Thai to be a great sport as well as great therapy.