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When operating a behavioral health office there are many things to keep in mind. A person should be aware of the furniture that they choose. The office should be a soothing place and selecting the right furniture can make all the difference. There are some things to look for when setting up a behavioral health office. Behavioral furniture can make the office a relaxing place if it is selected carefully and is chosen with the needs of the setting in mind.


When selecting furniture the items must be safe for both the patient and the caregiver. The furniture needs to be stable and should protect both parties in case of a mental breakdown or a fit of anger. Fasteners need to be tamper-resistant and there should be nothing sharp exposed including staples. All of the edges should be blunt and they should not come to a point. This includes any tables that are in the room. There should also be no concealment areas where stuff can go missing. The patient mustn’t be able to hide anything during their session in the room. The furniture cannot have ligature points. This can lead to a situation that may potentially be unsafe. The base of the chair should be the sled base since they are harder to use as weapons and are freestanding. The furniture should not have parts that can be removed. All of the arms and the legs need to be attached so that does not come off. Shelves should be used in the area where the patients will be rather than cabinets. Windows should be made from unbreakable glass.

Promote Healing

It is important to create an office setting where patients can be relaxed and feel like they have some control. The patients need to feel like they have some freedom so they can work on their recovery. The facility should not look like a correctional institution. To make it feel more like a relaxed setting add some peaceful nature scenes. They can be painted right on the wall. The colors of the office should be soft and inviting. The furniture should have the same colors. While the furniture should be able to be moved it should be heavy enough where it cannot be picked up. The furniture should allow the office to be warm and inviting. There should be access to natural light when possible. Behavioral furniture should not be blocking the way of the natural light when possible. The setting should be comfortable and the colors should be neutral. All harsh colors should be avoided so that it does not disrupt the peace in the setting.

Personal Space

People in a behavioral health facility must have access to personal space. The chairs should be able to be moved around and the table should be large enough where no one will feel like they are crowded or too close. There should be some gaps between the seats and the tables. This will allow a person to find a place to get comfortable. The behavioral furniture should allow a person enough room so they will feel comfortable.

These are some tips for finding the right furniture for a behavioral health office. The office should be inviting while keeping safety in mind at all times. If the office is safe and calms a person will be able to work on their mental health issues and begin the healing process. Safety is also something that needs to be kept in mind.