CONTACT KICKS MARTIAL ARTS: Karate while six months pregnant !

Caring for a baby begins the day a woman finds out she is pregnant. Being in shape, sometimes pregnant women can bring a simpler pregnancy and easier delivery. Properly dosed physical activity during pregnancy and proper nutrition will help maintain the physical shape and condition of the mother and the development of the fetus. Maintaining a daily routine during pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel better during these months, and will also improve your posture and prevent some discomfort such as back pain and lack of strength. So, many would like to know if martial arts are safe during pregnancy? The  toronto krav maga classes with a professional trainer could be the right thing for you during pregnancy to make sure you are in a perfect shape to deliver your baby.

Most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy, as long as you exercise with caution and avoid overtraining. If you were physically active before pregnancy, you should continue your physical activity in moderation. 

What is important to know is that you should not try to exercise at your previous level. Instead, dose your workout and do what you enjoy most right now. Some scientific studies have shown that strength training during pregnancy can provide you with endurance during childbirth and prevent possible diabetes that can occur during pregnancy. 

Other reasons for exercising in pregnancy are improved work of the cardiovascular system, reduced excessive, unnecessary weight gain, better mood, faster recovery and better general condition. If you were not physically active before pregnancy, you can start with a proper exercise program, after consulting a doctor and a professional. There are conditions in pregnancy when the doctor will need to decide whether to allow exercise and he can also recommend which exercises to practice.

 It is ideal to be on a daily basis (every day), and at least three times a week if you feel well and when you do not have complications during pregnancy. Always start with warm-up exercises for about 5 minutes and stretching for about 5 minutes. Include at least 15 minutes of cardio activity. It is important to measure your heart rate during peak exercise. You do not need to bring yourself to an exhausting level. You can do strength training with a load that allows 12-15 repetitions. 

It is recommended to do exercises with a trainer but never with the maximum load that can lead a pregnant woman to hold her breath. It is important that all muscle groups are trained equally. The choice of exercises is very important, so it is recommended to perform activities that will not be burdensome for the baby. These exercises are considered the safest exercises that will not cause injuries and can be performed until delivery.

Pregnant women who should not exercise are people who have asthma, various heart diseases and diabetes, pregnant women who have had abortions and early births. Exercise can be harmful if you have a complicated pregnancy or it is necessary to go for pregnancy maintenance. Exercise during pregnancy is not forbidden, if you feel well, you can get the greatest benefits by carefully choosing physical activity.

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