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What information as well as indication I need to know for my safety when I’m undergoing sublocade treatment?

When you are using sublocade in any of the substance abuse recovery centers near me, you need to have few important information about the safety as well as indications to move forward with sublocade and related drugs as treatment.

The patient of the sublocade doctors must know that there is serious risk involved for potential harm and even death if a person is self injecting into their bodies when sublocade, intravenously and that is the reason the availability of this drug is restricted to a program that is widely known as SUBLOCADE REMS Program.

You will not be able to find a sublocade in any Retail counter of a pharmacy as pointed by the specialist of substance abuse counseling near me who is well aware about backsliding symptoms. The reason is according to the stringent parameters of these drugs, the sublocate injection is to be administered only by a healthcare provider who is properly certified and trained in a specified manner to cater to drug addicts as well as patience of opioid abuse.

If you have any medical emergency and you need to be rushed into the hospital or any of the substance abuse recovery centers then either you or any person of your family who has now knowledge about your medical history must inform the medical staff of the hospital who are working in the emergency department about your physical dependence on Opioid and that you are being treated with sublocade or suboxone.

The drug called buprenorphine which is the medicine used inside sublocade is the reason for this kind of discretion and stringency because it has the ability to cause serious as well as life threatening problems to the user especially if that person is taking or utilising any other kind of medicines or drugs in combination to this as it might cause both these drugs to react negatively with each other causing lot of harm to the taker. In case you feel uncomfortable after taking the sublocade this probably would be the reason. Yes any discomfort happens then you must call the healthcare provider immediately for any kind of emergency help that could be given to you. Here goes a list of uncomfortable feelings that you have to keep a close tab on if you have administered yourself with sublocade or even if it has been given to you by a medical professional:

  • If there is any feeling of dizziness or you are feeling that you will faint
  • If you are suddenly starting to feel that your mind is not working properly like you are experiencing confusion in even simple things and you are feeling fuzzy and wobbly inside your brain.
  • In case you’re breathing rate has grown slower than your natural, normal breathing rate.
  • If you are feeling severe drowsiness and want to all mostly all day, disabling you to function properly
  • If you are experiencing slurred speech
  • In case your body is having high temperature
  • If you are feeling that your reflexes have gone slower than usual
  • In case you are feeling a lot of agitation and anxiety in your mind which is mostly unnecessary and there is no other external reason why you must be like this.
  • You are having stiff muscular movements
  • In case you are experiencing any kind of difficulty in walking

These above mentioned signs are tell tale symptoms and it is an indication that there has been a serious side effect of overdose and it might lead to other serious complications if not treated on time.

List of medicines that you need to avoid in these cases

You have to be quiet aware that You have to avoid these medicines such as:

  • Medicines for anxiety or benzodiazepines
  • Sleeping pills
  • Tranquilizers
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Sedatives
  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines

And you must wash it without drinking alcohol whenever you are having the treatment with suboxone or sublocade. You must inform your healthcare provider right away in case there is any scenario where you have to take or you are taking these medicines as well as you are drinking alcohol. Very serious injury such as death or even life threatening breathing problems might occur if you take these above-mentioned drugs along with Sublocade or suboxone simultaneously.

Other problems that might occur might be many, like

  • There have been instances where people have died and those people are not dependent on opioid and who have received buprenorphine but sublingually.
  • Kind of allergy towards drugs such as buprenorphine or ATRIGEL® Delivery System, which is a 50:50 poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide that is biodegradable in nature, or any such ingredient in the prefilled syringe Night also happen YouTube mixing of these in the body.

How will I understand whether sublocade is right for me?

You must also inform your healthcare provider if you have any of these below mentioned medical condition and only then they will decide whether sublocade is right for you or not,

  • In case there is any lung problem or trouble in breathing
  • In case the men patients have enlarged prostate gland.
  • In case the patient has had any head injury or brain problem.