January 23, 2021

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The 10 causes of drug addiction

The 10 causes of drug addiction

Also known as substance disorder, drug addiction is a kind of disease that affects the brain and behaviour of a person leading to the inability of control of the intake of legal or illegal medication or drugs. The substance on the drug list also includes marijuana, alcohol and nicotine. When a person becomes addicted, he or she may continue to use the drug even if that harms the person.

There are several causes of drug addiction. Variety of drug dictates the risk of the addiction and also how quickly can one get addicted. There are several drugs which have a higher rate of addiction and also more risks such as opioid painkillers. With time, you will start to require more and more, higher doses of the drug since your body starts to develop a resistance to the effect. This will make it harder to stop taking the drug. This can result in withdrawal symptoms when you are attempting to stop taking the drug.

10 Causes of drug addiction

Like several mental health problems, there are several causes which can contribute to the development of the addiction towards drugs. The drug addiction seems to occur when the constant and overuse of the drug had changed the way a brain feels the pleasure. The drug relates some form of pleasure to specific nerve cells in the brain. Neurons use chemicals known as neurotransmitters are used for communicating, and these changes can stay for some time even after drug usage has stopped. Here are some of the leading causes:

  1. Environment: There are several environmental causes which can result in drug intake. This can also be a family’s beliefs and their exposure and also exposure to a peer group encouraging the use of drugs. These are the primary causes of drug intake.
  2. Genetics: After starting using drugs, addiction development can be based on the genetic trait, which can result in speeding up the process.
  3. Family history of addiction: Sometimes the drug addiction can be common in families, and it ties with the genetic disposition. If there is a blood relative with this kind of addiction, it is more common to develop it.
  4. Mental health disorder: The presence of any kind of mental disorder can also result in creating a drug addiction.
  5. Peer pressure: Another strong factor which can facilitate drug addiction is peer pressure.
  6. Lack of family involvement: A lack of bond with the sibling or parent and also certain family situations can also risk the increase of addiction towards drugs due to a lack of supervision from parents.
  7. Early use: Taking the drug at a very early age can result in certain changes in the functions of the brain and ca proliferate the drug addiction at a later stage.
  8. Taking a highly addictive drug: Sometimes the drugs are very addictive and over time become more addictive as the effects decrease.
  9. Medication: Sometimes, the medication prescribed by doctors is addictive. Taking prolong medication of a certain may start an addiction.
  10. Experimenting: Sometimes experimenting with certain drugs for whatever reasons can result in a daily increase in intake, resulting in drug addiction.

There are several ways in which one can start a drug addiction; it can be just by experimenting with drugs during any social situation, becoming more frequent until it becomes an addiction. In other, in the case of opioids, drug addiction starts from using prescribed medication; also, it can be from getting medications from other relatives or friends who have been prescribed specific medication.