The human body is a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system comprised of a crystalline matrix that is constantly transmitting and receiving (transceiving) all manner of informed energies. The matrix is mainly comprised of two special types of crystals known as piezo and liquid crystals. In Part One, we covered the function of piezo crystals and how they convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa, creating piezoelectricity. In Part Two, we will investigate the roll of liquid crystals in the body’s matrix.

Like piezo crystals, liquid crystals also detect mechanical stress and change shape. These are the same sort of crystals found in many flat-screen computer monitors and televisions. The goo that forms at the bottom of a soap dish contains liquid crystals as well.

According to Professor Peter J. Collings, who wrote the de facto standard book on this topic titled Liquid Crystals: Nature’s Delicate Phase of Matter, liquid crystals have become a major source of investigation since the 1960s. They are of particular interest to biologists because liquid crystals can also detect minute changes in electromagnetic radiation levels.

Cell membranes are liquid crystal structures. The configuration they form helps segregate different parts of the cell from one another. Investigation of the cell membrane function may lead to a greater understanding of why some anesthetics work so well, even at low dosage. A better understanding of how liquid crystals function in the body may also help treat diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Sickle Cell Anemia and even Cancer. Because the arrangement of DNA in chromosomes also possesses a liquid crystal structure, geneticists are investigating these unique components as well.

Collings also suggests that “the ability of biological organisms to form fluid structures of some rigidity in an aqueous environment is central to the existence of life on this planet.” James L. Oschman, who authored Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, echoes this sentiment by stating that “crystalline arrangements are the rule, not the exception, in living systems.” He goes on to suggest that energy and body workers who use quartz, shells and stones, which are also crystalline materials, create resonant interactions with the liquid crystal structures found in tissue. He states that, “Crystalline components of the living matrix act as a coherent molecular antenna, radiating and receiving signals.”

The way to tune this antenna is through the repetition of such practices as yoga, martial arts or even playing an instrument. These disciplines also involve entrainment, which is mindfulness of breathing and heartbeat rhythms that bring the body and brainwave activity into a synchronous, harmonious state. Entrainment of the crystalline matrix in this way brings the entire being into a state of coherence. In other words, the whole being becomes one big, resonant antenna.

Coherent states are an important subject of study in quantum physics as well. Much attention is currently being focused on the properties and characteristics of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Instead of the molecules in a substance acting as individual entities, when they are cooled to the point of reaching a condensate level, they suddenly act as one unit. Point-like particles take on a wave nature, overlapping and interacting in such a way that they loose their individual identities.

Oschman goes a step further to say that the process of entrainment is aided by phonons, which are a unit of measure of the sonic vibrational energy occurring in a crystal lattice structure. He defines them specifically as, “electromechanical waves in a piezoelectric medium.” Phonons couple the natural sounds of the body such as those made by the heart and lungs, to the crystalline lattice structures of the body.

Phonons are to sound waves what photons are to light waves. Phonons are considered quantum harmonic oscillators, meaning that they are spaced in regular, discreet intervals. Mathematically, they obey the same statistical relationships as found in quantum coherent systems of light such as a laser.

Most beginning meditation practices focus on breathing and the slowing of the heart’s rate. Through sound, this entrains the body and brain activity to come into a synchronous state and begins to properly align the body’s antenna system to transceive higher frequencies by inducing a coherent state.

From our bones to our cells, the crystal matrix of the body turns it into one large antenna for the transmission and reception of many types of informed energies including those that are filtered through the subtle energy bodies. Traditional Ancient Chinese medicine asserts that this flow between the physical body and the subtle energy bodies occurs through the exit and entry points along the meridian system. Positioning the body in certain ritualistic postures, such as those found in Tai Chi and yoga, aid in transceiving these informed energies.

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