Addiction: Definition, symptoms, withdrawal, and treatment

When the word “addiction” comes to mind, we immediately think about either alcohol or drug. But there are many other types of substances available in the market that are strong enough to make you an addict. According to suboxone treatment doctors, addiction occurs when you intake alcohol, drugs, and medication without a prescription and in the wrong way in a large quantity.

In order to combat this problem, the first thing you need to identify is whether it’s substance abuse or addiction. Substance abuse is vastly different from addiction as the person can easily quit and change their fixation by spending sublocade price. Addiction is a sort of disease that makes the person incapable of changing their condition.

Here are the substances that become an addiction:

  • Cigarettes or Any Other Tobacco Goods

Even though cigarettes are not drugs but still they are highly addictive as evident by many people who are under the spell of it. Moreover, people can get severely addicted to nicotine and end up damaging their health if not taken to suboxone treatment clinics soon enough. Cigarettes have a compound called nicotine which is the main reason why people get hooks on tobacco products. Nicotine provides a sudden rush of energy and high that wears fast and keeps the person wanting for more. Hence, the reason why many people turn into chain smokers. 

  • Cocaine

In most suboxone clinics, many patients are admitted to getting hooked on this drug. This is a rather deadly substance that takes over the whole body as soon as a person inhales it. When a person takes this drug they start to move, talk and think very fast. One minute you may start to feel happy and giddy and then the other, you will start to get angry without a reason. Most of all, cocaine can make a person do things without inhibitions.

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine and Prescription

This type of addiction comes when the person takes a specific medication without a prescription, or simply if the person is taking illegal drugs. Type of medication that is addictive:

  1. Pain reliever medicines prescribed by suboxone doctors
  2. Medication for sleep or anxiety
  3. Medication that treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Situations that can create addiction:

  1. If you take medication that is prescribed for someone else.
  2. If you take a drug without a reason.
  3. If you take extra doses of the medication and not the way it’s should be taken.

Overcoming medication or sublocade withdrawal can be painful and can make the person never want to seek treatment. So it’s better to stop them at the initial stage.

  • Marijuana

Marijuana used to be illegal but in recent times, it is getting legal in many states due to the medicinal use of this plant. Recreational pot is allowed in many states but still, it is a criminal offense if you are fin out with this plant, in some states. The effects of marijuana include laughing, silliness, feeling sleepy, and being forgetful. One should never drive while being high on the pot as it’s similar to drinking and driving. If you are already under the influence of this substance, call the “suboxone clinics near me” now.

  • Heroin

Heroin is made out of the same compound as the manmade prescription opioid narcotics, but the two differences are is it’s illegal and it’s a natural form. Just like weed or marijuana, heroin gives a rush of good feeling as soon as you’ll take it. But when it wears off, everything starts to get slow. You’ll feel the lack of energy and start to move, eat and think lowly. You may also feel, chilly, nauseated, and anxious without a cause. And to fight off such after-effects, you may start to feel the urge to take more heroin. That’s why it’s better to take medication, without thinking much about the sublocade cost.

  • Alcohol

Last but not least, alcohol is another substance that can totally ruin one’s life. Drinking a minimum quantity of alcohol is alright but when you over-drink on a daily basis, not only you’ll get alcohol but can injure yourself under the influence. You can choose any suboxone doctors near me and start the treatment as soon as possible.