Drug abuse and substance use disorder are one of the most common topics these days. Mainly because a large number of people are under the influence of drugs and they don’t realize it. The most common question about drug abuse and drug addiction is how to cure it.

However, before jumping to the cure, one must have a clear idea about what is drug abuse. Most people think that drug abuse is drug addiction. It is false. Drug addiction starts after drug abuse.

The first thing we need to be clear about is drug abuse.

Drug abuse and drug addiction – explained

There are a lot of drugs that have strong beneficial sides. Some of the drugs get a high recommendation from doctors to treat both physical and mental health. For example, doctors prescribe Vicodin, Percocet, etc., to relieve pain. These opioid painkillers help people cure faster.

However, the relief of pain makes people take it as soon as they sense pain. They continue to take medicine even when there is no purpose for it. Moreover, they start to take a high dosage of those prescribed painkillers. It is drug abuse.

When someone starts to abuse any drug, their craving for it increases with time. There comes a situation when the person can’t go a single day without it. They can do anything to get the daily dose of a specific drug. It is drug addiction.

Symptoms of drug addiction

  • The person addicted can’t become aggressive; you can notice the absolute change in their behavior.
  • They seem to do things they would never do if there were sober. Such as rash driving when they are high.
  • They will spend all their money on drugs. Even when they can’t afford it, they’ll steal if needed to keep the supply smooth.
  • , they become vulnerable and unable to do essential things like eating, drinking.
  • They lack interest in everything, always running away from responsibilities and reality.
  • Red eyes, slurred speech
  • Memory loss, delusions
  • Feeling restless, depressed, and repeated suicidal thoughts.
  • Headaches, abdominal pain, weakness, vomiting

Treatment for drug abuse

Neglecting symptoms of drug abuse is the biggest mistake one can make. Another problem is that when a drug addict starts to recognize their addiction to the drug, they think it a minor issue and can solve it independently.

It is not possible to withdraw the substance addiction on your own because the craving for it will make you vulnerable if you try to throw it away. Moreover, you cannot give yourself the needed treatment.

You must realize that before starting the treatment to stop drug addiction, one need to go through medical withdrawal. The primary phase of the retreat is detoxification.

A person who is under the influence of drugs for a long time faces several physical and mental changes. It affects their brain and changes ongoing functions. Because of those changes, you might get those cravings after you stop taking drugs.

It is better to get the treatment in rehab because it will help to prevent relapse. The rehabilitation program varies from person to person, and another thing is the substance. There are several strategies that therapists use for treating the patient.


Now that you have a clear picture of what is drug abuse, it will help you to recognize if you or someone around you needs your help.