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Travel nursing jobs have been motivating nurses to work out of their comfort zone and experience the beauty of working outside their residences. Travel nurse agencies have continued to operate and act as bridges for nurses and healthcare facilities in filling in the scarcity of nurses in different States or Countries. Travel nursing has different working time schedules, the period of time that nurses work in each destination will depend on the need of the healthcare facilities and one of these is called  per diem travel nursing. 

Do Traveling Nurses Get Per Diem?

Yes, indeed in a pier Diem set up travel nurses are paid daily and their assignment can last in a day,  two or more. There are times when healthcare facilities are in need of a nurse for a day. In these situations per diem nurses are perfect to fit the needs of the facility, as they can hire a nurse just for a day but with per diem travel nurses it can be possible to get one. A lot of people ask about  per diem vs travel nursing, they are almost similar and can be under one agency. 

 What does a per diem Nurse Do?

The responsibilities and duties will depend on where you will be assigned or what are the duties of the nurse you are relieving. This can also depend on your specialization, the agency will be the one to pick who among their nurses are capable of fulfilling the needs of the healthcare facilities who need the per diem nurse. If it is a general task then any nurse can be sent to work for the day or for that shift. Per diem nurses can work a full shift, half shift, long or short hours, and they can be called a few hours before their assignment. 

How Much is Travel Nursing Per Diem Rates?

Per diem travel nurse gets a higher rate than a nurse who works regularly in a medical facility. That’s why travel nurse agencies are discouraging their nurses to disclose their rates to their co-workers to avoid issues during their assignment. Location can also be a big factor in a per diem nurse’s pay, for instance California has a high salary wage compared with others. Per diem nursing taxes will still be deducted from their pay despite not being permanently employed. 

Is the Work Schedule  Flexible ?

Regular nurses can never turn down night shifts but if you work as a per diem travel nurse you can say no to night shifts. This is one good thing about working as a per diem travel nurse, you can choose your schedule and you can take a break if you want to, after each assignment you can take a rest and get back when you think you are ready to work again. Seasonal work is also available, for instance during “flu season” more nurses are needed therefore per diem travel nurses are in demand during this season. You can plan your work schedule if you want to have free time to do some personal stuff.  

Do I have to Stick to my Specialization?

As a nurse each has their specialization, and they want to learn more. Well if you choose to be a per diem travel nurse you can have the opportunity to cross-train to different specialties. This can help you grow your career and be able to acquire new skills that can add up to your credentials as a nurse. The more skills you have the more opportunities of work awaits you. You can now be called anytime for any work available in any department if you have a broader knowledge in different specializations. 

How Long Can I Rest from Work?

Since the schedule is flexible you can take a break whenever you want to as long as you have fulfilled your assignment. You can inform your agency that you want to take a break for a while. Most per diem travel nurses take this opportunity to go around their place of destination and have an adventure. This can help you relax and refresh your body and mind before working again. 

Per diem travel nursing can give you a lot of opportunity to grow personally and professionally. It makes it possible for you to balance work, personal and family time. Choose the best per diem nursing agenciesTo work with and you will surely enjoy your career as a nurse. Start your per diem nursing career today at Advantage Medical Professionals, contact them, and they will surely love to assist you in any way they