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Everyone wishes there was a magic pill to help them lose weight, but unfortunately, medicine alone won’t guarantee good health. However, there are undoubtedly many medications that might have a significant role in the process of weight loss. One class of drugs that may facilitate weight loss is the appetite suppressant, which works by making you feel less hungry. So, how effective are appetite suppressants in causing weight loss, and what are the benefits and risks of using them? Today’s article covers all of these issues and more.

Appetite Suppressants

The appetite suppressants have been demonstrated to be helpful in the weight loss process; nevertheless, they often won’t cause you to lose weight any more quickly than you would on your own. When compared to a placebo, all of the five most popular appetite suppressants with FDA approval helped users lose weight, but they still only dropped around five percent of their starting weight. These days, many people who are thinking about slimming down find that a reduction of only five percent of their entire body weight is a great place to begin. For someone whose baseline weight is 300 pounds, it is the equivalent of dropping 15 pounds. While appetite suppressants may aid some people in their weight reduction efforts, they do not work for everyone. This is because a person’s reduced body weight is due to a combination of the medicine and other factors.

Fat Burning Requirement

Although appetite suppressants may be helpful for some, taking one will not speed up your body’s natural fat-burning processes. This suggests that if you keep eating when you’re bored or making unhealthy food choices, you won’t see much of a change in your weight. You still need to give some thought to what you eat, even if you aren’t quite as hungry as you once were. In most cases, it is not a lack of food that leads to weight gain, but rather the meals that we consume. Eating pizza, burgers, and fast food on a regular basis will likely prevent you from losing weight and may even cause you to gain weight.


If you want to see real results in your attempts to lose weight, you need to do more than simply take an appetite suppressants. Changing the things you eat may assist, but boosting your exercise level is equally crucial for dropping extra pounds. In addition to helping you burn more calories and stopping you from eating out of boredom, creating an exercise routine may also help you lose weight, since studies have shown that regular exercise may serve as a natural appetite suppressor. Combining regular exercise with a prescription appetite suppressor may be quite helpful in minimising hunger and accelerating weight loss.

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