September 17, 2021

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You Can Pass a Hair Drug Test for Weed only with Special Detox Shampoo

When you need to do a test for work in which they are going to take a sample of your hair, you know that you must be careful. Even if you didn’t take any drug in the last couple of months, you still need to be careful. See how the follicle test is done here.

The reason for this is that weed stays in the system for up to three months. Depending on the dosage, and how often you’ve been taking it, you can have a harder or easier time to clean yourself. The good thing is that there’s a solution for it.

Although online you’ll find tons of ideas on how to avoid the testing and make yourself inadequate for doing it to skip getting caught, they all won’t work. The experts doing the tests were not born yesterday. They have tons of experience on the job, and will surely find a way to get that sample.

What not to do?

There are tons of silly ideas online that people take seriously. They won’t protect you from getting caught cheating. If you do this, you’ll only get a severe punishment. If you’re forced to do the test as a regular part of the job, you’ll surely get sacked.

One of the things you’ll come across on the internet is to wear a wig and let the practitioners take a sample off it. Then you have the idea of going entirely bold. Some people like the idea of bleaching because it removes up to 80{8cb78a8e95e5d438fcccca925454f996a7f25fb6bb4e8b0107ef1962c7adc9a1} of the toxins. And of course, in the end, there’s the swap sample method that should provide you with negative results.

All of these are guaranteed to fail. You’ll only embarrass yourself and won’t do anything well. This is why you need to go with an option that has a much better chance to get you saved and provide a negative result on that test.

You should know the facts

Before doing anything, you need to be aware of the facts. One thing to know is that not all drugs have the same half-life in your body. Some of them will disintegrate faster than others. Some will stay longer in your system than others. See in details about it on the link:

The strongest drugs affecting the brain and the body are the ones that are usually going to be washed the faster off your system. On the other hand, marijuana, which is basically harmless, will stay inside for a long time. Even though it causes no damage, if you get caught using it, you’re going to be punished.

The bad thing about doing a hair follicle test is that almost all drugs stay there for up to three months. It doesn’t matter what you use, if you’re doing a hair test, you’re done. The other tests, like the urine, saliva, or blood, are much different, and they might not show anything after a week. It’s different from the follicle one.

How to get rid of the toxins in your hair?

When you found out that you’re about to be tested, you need to start the process right away. To be sure that you’re going to be clean, you need around two weeks. All solutions will need around 14 days to take effect, so better start washing your hair right away.

If the officials announce that you’re going to be tested in five days, for example, then you have nothing to do. You’re most probably not going to manage to clean yourself, no matter how hard you try.

However, it’s worth the try in all cases, right? What you need to do is get yourself the best detox shampoo there is on the market. The one that will entirely clean your hair from all toxins there are inside.

Be careful not to take some of those who are made for ordinary detox washing. These shampoos sold in supermarkets will only take away the nicotine, grease, and other things from your hair. They won’t do anything to the inside. You need something that will treat the follicle.

You need specialized anti-drug shampoos. You can find these only on the internet. They are not available over the counter in your drugstore. Search through the internet and find these.

What is crucial here is to know that not all of them are equally successful in their job. Some are better than others. You can read more about this on this LaWeekly article on passing a hair drug test with a detox shampoo, and learn what needs to be done precisely.

Some shampoos are great, but others are just a waste of time and money. You’ll do everything that the label says, and still come out positive. You don’t want this. You should read some of the reviews on the internet and make sure you’re getting the right one.

How to wash?

All shampoos are made on the same principle. You need around two weeks for complete success. You need to wash your hair at least three times a day. Don’t try the alternative methods you’ll come across, like bleaching, or pouring laundry washing solutions. There’s no need for this.

All you need to do is use the detox shampoo made for this job. It’s the only thing that can save you. If you use it properly and wash regularly for 14 days, you can be sure that you have done a great job, and you’ll come out negative.


With the facts behind you, now you understand why there’s no other way for passing that awful test without a specialized detox shampoo. If you’re in this mess, lookup for the best one on the internet as soon as possible. Every second count when you have the test scheduled.

Choose the one that is best for you, and don’t hope for other alternative methods that might only damage your hair. Go with a specialized shampoo and make sure you’re doing a thorough job. That’s the only way to be safe.